Spray Adhesive 339


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  • Super spray 339 can be use for the bonding of metal, sofa, foam, fomica,  wood, wood appliances and plywood, kitchen cabinet, office chair, fabric, leather, nylon, paper, TPR, PU, PVC, MDF, HDF, shoes, sandals, purse, briefcase, decoration for inside and outside of the house, inside of car.


  • Wide variety of usage for all kind of industries.
  • Easy to use for spray gun without interruption in spraying. High level of bonding.
  • Suitable for production line and products with large surface, aluminum sheet (Alu).


  • Spray spray 339 save up 40 to 50% the amount of adhesive (compare to other adhesive that apply by hand, depend on how thick or thin the spraying is)
  • High level of bonding and endurance. Adapt to all kind of weather.


  1. Check the air compressor before spray; make sure the inside is dry. Even the air line and the spray gun have to be dry.
  2. Pressure of the air compressor need to be at least 4 kg.
  3. It is suggestive for the size of the head of the spray machine to be at least 2.0. Smaller head for short distance spraying and bigger head for long distance spraying.
  4. Clean and dry the surface that needs to apply the adhesive.
  5. Super spray 339 evenly, cant lack the necessary amount; don’t spray too thick or too thin. When spraying don’t let the adhesive melt or drip.
  6. After spray apply the surface in allowed time (1’-5’, depend on the materials. After glue the items together apply pressure on it so the adhesive can reach the highest possible result.) so the adhesive surface can get dry, use finger and press lightly on the glued surface, if there are no glue on the finger then you can applied the glue. But don’t let it get too drive or it will affect the bonding level of the adhesive.
  7. Avoid fire or electricity when using products.
  8. Avoid direct sunlight. Don’t let the adhesive come in contact with water or get wet, because the adhesive will lose its features.
  9. Test before usage and products to guarantee the qualities of bonding reach the satisfied result. 


Colors: Light Yellow.


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