Rust-Block Paint (RP-100)


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Rust-Block Paint (RP-100)

(Water-Based, Harsh-Chemical-Free, Extremely Bonding, Interior and Exterior Paint)


  • Rust-Block Paint is made without toxic solvents. It is created with a specialized combination of compounds that enables it to provide satisfying rust protection for metal surfaces (including steel and iron).
  • When applied, the paint hardens into a layer that tightly bonds to the metal surface. It is a rust-preventative layer that allows for a longer-lasting and more sturdy finish.


  • Very quick to dry, will dry completely in most environments without additional assistance.
  • Resistant against extreme weather: low or high temperatures, moisture, and dryness. Prolongs lifespan of surface. Will withstand high corrosion environments.
  • Doesn’t contain dangerous solvents that pose health, explosion, or fire risks.
  • Easy to use, can be applied directly to the metal surface through various methods, brushed or sprayed. Also, easy to use with thinners and other paint additives.


  • Thoroughly clean surface until it is free of oils, filth, and chemicals of any kind and then apply paint.

Use :

  • For use on water vessels (such as ships), commercial or professional sites, prefabricated buildings, steel or metal house frames, and any other projects that require a heavy-duty primer.


  • store in temperatures from 10ºC to 35ºC.
  • Use within 12 months of opening.

 Golden Lion’s Rust-Block Primer is the technological breakthrough in rust-preventative, water-based, harsh-chemical-free, heavy-duty paint. It is among the most modern and advanced primer paints in stores today.