• Golden Lion Super Adhesive are made from Hoan Bao Trading Production Import – Export Co.,Ltd. The products are made from the best material, imported from Germany. It is use for gluing all kind : shoes, leather, handbags, sandals, foam, fabric, felt rug, formica, parquet, resin, plywood, Alu sheet, insulation board, baffle, granite, decoration for inside and outside.
  • The products consist of many different types of weight to meet customer’s need : 100g, 200g, 500g, 3kg, 15kg.
  • At present, our company are releasing  many products, Golden Lion Super Adhesive.

Color: orange, yellow, light yellow.


  • Golden Lion Super Adhesive is possible strongest bonding strength products even for material that is bonding dificult, including : rubber matress, rug, leather, resin, rubber, granite, brick, household goods ( saddle, speaker, shoes, sandals, simili, MDF, sofa, insulation board, …v…v…
  •  High Heat and cold  resistance , enduarance, suitable for all kind of weather and environment. Particularly, the container is designed with special material to ensure that the quality of adhesive is not affected in transit.
  • Golden Lion Super Adhesive is easy to use, high economic effeciency, meet all adhesive’need of all products.


  • The surface of material should be clean and dry, without oil stain, water stain, soiled, rust stain.
  • Apply a thin coat to both surface to be joined. Let dry 10 to 15 minute.
  • Press parts together, hold a few minutes untill hardening begins.
  • Close the hood tightly aftet using


  • Keep in a dry and cool place, avoid fire and electricity, keep out of reach of the children.